Russia is aborting itself to death.

I’ve known for a long time that the abortion situation in Russia (not that it’s alone) is pretty bad.  Under Soviet rule, lots of countries used abortion heavily and that’s something that takes time to change.  Up until now I hadn’t bothered to look into the details.  However bad it is (and it REALLY is) it appears that the situation is beginning to improve.  That’s a good thing considering that “Russian Health Ministry figures show 1.2 million abortions last year compared to 1.7 million live births, with upwards of a quarter million women per year left infertile from abortion complications.”  Look at those figures again: 1.2 million abortions vs. 1.7 million live births.  This. Is. Not. Good.  As I said though, the situation is improving with more and more people desiring restrictions on abortion and even a complete ban on abortion.  Unless the situation does improve, there won’t be enough people around for it to matter: “Between 1992 and 2008, Russia’s population dropped by more than 12 million.”

Read the whole thing.
(h/t Ad Orientem)

2 thoughts on “Russia is aborting itself to death.

  1. The one time that I made confession with Fr. Roman Braga, one thing that he said to me what never to abort a child. It was shocking to me because it is not something that I would ever consider (especially being married with children already). But my husband explained that he had come from a place where so many women were aborting babies. I am sure the rates are pretty high in America, too. There are so many childless people, and I find it hard to believe that many of them have not had abortions. Birth control is not foolproof. We know! Punky was a bc baby 🙂 (Before we were Orthodox). This is just so sad. Lord have mercy!


  2. Yes, I seem to remember hearing that from a priest (originally from Eastern Europe) too. I was shocked beyond words.

    I guess the thing to focus on is the improvement, not the dreadful statistics.


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