O Gladsome Light!

Tonight at Vespers, the lights, when turned up at Gladsome Light, actually made a difference in the overall lighting of the church.  With the sun still high in the sky at six o’clock in the summer I always feel slightly silly at this point.  But tonight the sky was still heavily overcast from the torrential rains of the afternoon and the church was somewhat darkened. 

After Vespers the sun had begun to peek through the clouds right on the horizon.  With it still drizzling slightly I started looking for a rainbow.  Because the sun was so low in the sky, the rainbow was so high that I almost missed it.  When we got home I grabbed the camera and headed out to try to take a picture. 

It was one of the most expansive rainbows I’d ever seen and I couldn’t get all of it in the frame at once.

A minute or so after I’d started photographing it, a secondary rainbow appeared, much to the delight of all of the children in the neighborhood who were jumping up and down on their respective lawns.
When Ginger came out to see the rainbows, he said, “look at that great sunset!” 
I turned around and looked.
Mammatus clouds!
(Hopefully my brother William will not email me to correct my nomenclature.)
I kept going back out to watch the sunset. 
The colors were glorious, not able to be captured on the camera.
O Gladsome Light indeed!

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