S-1, C-3, R-1, A-1, B-3, B-3, L-1, E-1

Anyone else out there like Scrabble
Word Freak
Father won’t play with me anymore. Even if I don’t gloat.
I mean, it’s not like I want to build this.
(Ok, I lied.  This looks awesome.)
And it’s not like this figures in my plans for our living room any time soon.

The children haven’t been terribly interested.
But, if there’s a next time around, maybe I’ll have better luck.

8 thoughts on “S-1, C-3, R-1, A-1, B-3, B-3, L-1, E-1

  1. My sisters actually went through the dictionary to find all the two- and three-letter words to memorize them. As the youngest by 10 years (and who didn't do this), I never really had an overwhelming interest in the game, although it can be fun.


  2. Magda, they actually publish lists of the twos, threes, fours, words with q that don't take a u, etc. This is for serious Scrabble nerds though. I wouldn't know anything about that, of course. (c;

    Mat. Emily, not this time around.


  3. Michelle, let's remember to bring Boggle and Scrabble to the meet-up!

    I like Boggle too. Sometimes Father will play that one with me. (Honey? How about a game tonight?)

    I keep hearing about Bananagrams but haven't gotten it. Surely they have it at Walmart. (We don't have any other shopping options in our backwoods!) I think the kids would be less intimidated by it. Good idea.


  4. My husband and I play just about every week. Well, we used to, and now we are trying again, so maybe every 3rd week or so. Personally, I LOVE the yard scrabble idea!


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