"Junk" vs. "Treasure"

My husband and I came to an agreement several years ago:
1. I don’t ask him to go into thrift stores.
2. He doesn’t prevent me from going to “junk” stores.
3. I don’t ask him to get enthusiastic about my finds.
But sometimes I need someone to share my excitement when I spread out the “spoils” of my trip.
Well, guess what…
(everything is displayed on a cotton tablecloth I found too)
.: nifty little Fossil tins :.
.: baskets with black wirework :.
.: cotton napkins – I thought these looked “Williams Sonoma-y” :.
.: one of my favorite summer childhood books :.
.: Chronicles of Narnia books on tape (hello monastery trip!) :.
.: a cheap frame for this print I’ve been carting around for years :.
.: now I need another one… :.
.: yes, I bought a bird cage :.
.: for FOUR dollars :.
.: and it’s just adorable…but you should have seen Father’s face… :.

5 thoughts on “"Junk" vs. "Treasure"

  1. Oh my heavens. You seem to have had a golden thrifting day. I would love to be able to go thrifting with you and I am still dreaming of a girls weekend on the World's Longest Yardsale…
    I can't believe you found The Pink Motel and a birdcage. I've been longing for a birdcage for my backporch. I can't wait to see what you do with it. I can see it on your front porch with a bromeliad or 2 in it with a small fern etc… I would have loved to have seen Ben's face! Are the children begging for a bird yet?
    What fun!


  2. I like the birdcage. And I LOVE the wire baskets. I'm thinking about creating some harmony in my house by painting most of our hand-me-down furniture black to go with the wrought-iron-type bed frame we have and go from there. Those baskets are exactly the look I want. 🙂


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