Physics Phun

This isn’t something that’s likely to appeal to a lot of people (so of course I’m posting on it) but it’s a really fun game for physics or engineering types. 

Stop groaning, I did say GAME.

Even my children like it and have been successful at it on occasion.  Father’s not too fond of it, but then he’s the verbal type.

What is it?

Fantastic Contraption.

The object is to get a little pink circle into a larger pink rectangle.  Around a lot of obstacles, of course.  The trick is, you have to build something that will transport the little circle into the rectangle.  And you have to do it within the confines of a blue workspace.  Once you press start, you are unable to interfere in the workings of the machine.  If it fails, you stop it and either rebuild or make adjustments.  Your tools are simple: wheels that rotate in either direction, a wheel that doesn’t (no power) and two kinds of connecting rods.  Once the contraption is set into motion, the rules of physics apply.

Sound simple? (well, ok, the first level is…)

Good luck!

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