Apron from a Thrifted Dress: Take 2

Well, I FINALLY got around to finishing the apron!  Now everyone will be thinking it takes a long time to do.  It really doesn’t, but between all of the interruptions and little time to spare, it took until after dinner tonight.

First (the other day) I took the linen sheath dress I found at the thrift store and ripped the back seam.  Simple.

Then I decided that I wanted a more graceful silhouette than straight-up-and-down.  So I pinned a series of tucks into each side.
It wound up being a little more empire than I would have liked, but I was working around the front pocket.  I didn’t want it to gape open, which it would have if I’d lowered the tucks.
I had found a cute fabric remnant at Walmart for next to nothing.  I ripped (always rip if you can) two wide strips and (just for the mock-up) pinned them together and then pinned them to the apron.  At this point I had lots and lots of pins in the apron. 
TODAY, I started the actual sewing.  First I hemmed the raw edges down both sides of the back.  I should have ironed first, but I figured the sewing police wouldn’t show up at my door.  I also took a five-inch hem in the bottom.  No point in tripping.
Then I sewed down the tucks I’d pinned.  I sewed two parallel seams on each side.
I unpinned the apron ties and folded and pinned them properly.  Normally you would sew the edges together and then turn it inside out, iron flat and perhaps sew down those seams.  Nah.
I folded and pinned, then simply stitched it all down.  Looks fine.
Then I just stitched the ties to the apron.  I basically outlined the apron tie on the apron.
  And, in case you haven’t noticed yet, I used yellow thread.
  Why not?
Ok, I took this picture myself and it doesn’t show much of the apron. 
But you can see that it will keep most of the top of you clean!
I pressed Father into service for these.  Here’s the back view (with kitty cameo).
And front again. I decided I wanted a little more pizazz…
…so I added red buttons to the front of the apron ties.

I actually wore it to finish and serve supper (before the pictures and the buttons) and it was great!  Covered my clothes so well and was very comfortable.  The style of the dress influenced the style of the apron so I’ll be on the lookout for more dresses at the thrift store.  I’d love to try something different.

12 thoughts on “Apron from a Thrifted Dress: Take 2

  1. You have patience and creativity that I will never have–recycling clothing is pretty creative–I like the design, bet there aren't too many linen aprons “out there.” Mom


  2. Wow- that is really impressive. I don't know if I would like to wear an apron that is so long, but if it is free-flowing, then I think could handle it 🙂 I only have one, boring black apron.


  3. I'm used to longer skirts, so the apron length is not very noticable. Actually, it's really, really comfortable. Once I put it on, I tend not to take it off. And just think how many toys or how much laundry you can carry by pulling the skirt up into a pouch!


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