Just because I’m curious…

…can any of you tell me where you found this blog?  I think it’s fascinating that a little blog from southern Mississippi can attract someone from across the country or from another continent!  I guess I do the same, because there are a few blogs in Romania, Greece and one in Australia that I regularly visit.  Sometimes the journey is more interesting than the destination, so if anyone feels like delurking (but no pressure!), let me know how on earth you ever got here!

Update:  Everyone was so forthcoming!  I do want you all to know that there is no pressure to comment or follow. Honestly, it’s fine to sit quietly along for the ride.  (c;

25 thoughts on “Just because I’m curious…

  1. I went to college with Rebecca, and found my way here when she mentioned that you had started blogging. Since at the time you were working in an OB clinic in a residency program (at least that's what I inferred), I felt particularly connected to the blog (I'm a third year OB resident). I've stuck around because I enjoy seeing what you have to say!


  2. Welcome, everyone! Elizabeth (big E), it's so nice to have you here! I just adored my residents (and yes, they were MY residents!) and miss them still. I don't know if you've looked in the archives, but I have several posts about them including my “goodbye” and the “baby shower”. Elizabeth (little e) your blog is lovely! Very homey – I feel like I'm there – which is unfortunate because you're having such warm weather. Pres. Kathy, I've enjoyed your blog as well! I just love comments (not an attractive trait) so it's nice to hear from you whenever you want.


  3. If I remember correctly, I discovered your blog through a comment you left on Patty's blog. I enjoy your blog, though find little time to comment as is the case with most blogs I follow.


  4. I don't remember, somebody at church maybe? However, I didn't know you worked with residents — I was the Peds Residency Coordinator at LSU-NO for a couple of years. Loved my doctors too, peds & OB docs are a special kind of person.


  5. I think it was through one of the Learning Through the Year of Grace blogs that I clicked, although I'm certain the Holy Spirit had something to do with it!


  6. I read a post of yours on another blog. The name of your blog is intriguing (and funny for all mothers). I'm Southern, Orthodox and homeschooling and your blog(and a few others) makes me feel less alone.


  7. Well, again, welcome! Linda, I didn't know that about you either (and not much excuse since we know each other in “real life”!)

    Leah, you have a lovely blog. I think I found it through a comment you posted on someone else's blog.

    Magda, perhaps we'll make that connection in NO next year – I certainly hope so!

    Janet, welcome aboard! I'm pretty isolated myself so I enjoy interacting with other like-minded individuals in the blogging world.


  8. Ya know, I'm not at all sure. Maybe it was from Rod's blog? Or maybe when I was still considering becoming Orthodox and actively searching for Orthodox blogs? (Husband nixed the idea, sadly, and I felt that for now at least the number one thing was to find a church for our family.)


  9. Honestly, I have no idea ! How's that for “zero” information. I think it was through a comment you left on someone elses blog…I DO REMEMBER, however, reading your sidebar and introductory post and thinking “yup, I”m following this one”. 🙂


  10. Thanks Mat. Anne – yeah – somehow I have in person also a 'homey' feel… thanks for liking my blog. makes me feel well happy in a quiet homey way 🙂

    Have a great evening and day tomorrow!


  11. I want to say I found you through Evlogia, but I'm not sure. I think you posted on housekeeping and not knowing where to start, which is something I so relate to. I also think my comment was like 900 words long and I thought at the time, “This woman is going to think I'm crazy. I don't know her and I'm posting several paragraphs in her comment box? About cleaning? I AM nuts!” 😉


  12. I am trying to remember whether it was through Matushka Emili's blog or a comment you made on my own blog. I think you may have commented once on a post I did on boys' clothing. And I have been following here ever since!


  13. I know it was from one of the other Orthodox mom blogs. I too am petty isolated being American and homeschooling and Orthodox ect. I love how real your blog feels. I enjoy the inspiration without feeling spiritually lacking. Does that make sense?
    I recentally added your husbands blog to my reader to learn along in lurk mode so if he sees hits from here it's probably me. I think I often show up as Australia but have not made it there yet.
    Alicia In New Zealand


  14. Goodness! You all are coming out of the woodwork!

    I'm so glad to have met most of you already. Alicia, you *do* show up as NZ! You should have seen my face the first time I saw that!

    Faerieeva, I think you're right: it was about boys' clothing!

    Another Elizabeth, I think you make #4…I'm glad you're “another” Elizabeth!


  15. I'm not certain but it must have been through Evlogia.

    It is great encouragement to read your thoughts. I live in Greece, a traditionally orthodox country and though it is a blessing there are also some negative aspects.

    I didn't grow up in a religious home. Returning to the Church was the most spectacular thing that happened to me ever. It turned my life upside down. I don't have the words to express it.Everything was new to me, shining new, what was formerly considered old and empty and distant. By me, and by most around me. It's harder to see the whole of something when you're looking from too close a distance. I'm not sure i'm making any sense.
    For me, to “meet” people that share my faith and belong to Christ's Church and chose it when it was not “traditional” for them, is great encouragement and also great joy.
    Sorry this is too long.


  16. Aurelia, you have the most beautiful daughters! Such dark eyes! Thanks for coming and reading.

    Michelle, it's been a joy getting to know you. Thank goodness for e-mail!

    Writer (sorry, lacking the characters I have to translate), I feel humbled by your comment. I sincerly hope you visit some *truly* encouraging sites (like Evlogia) in addition to mine. Thank you for sharing some of your journey here.


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