Crocheted Three-Bar Cross Baby Blanket

I was going to wait to post on this project until the second one was done, but Matushka Emily has blown my cover! (Only kidding, Matushka! I was looking for a convenient excuse to post anyway!) Truth be told, it was rather exciting to finish.  Especially since I had to make up the pattern myself.  I couldn’t find anything like it on-line.
I’d never done anything in filet crochet before, but always wanted to.  I love lace, and yarn is so much easier to work with than thread for lacemaking!
I’ve had requests for the pattern, but I hate to tell you: I am unable to give one for the simple fact that I don’t know how!  I have my own notes (mostly involving graph paper) but I’m sure no one else would be able to follow that.  Father has been encouraging me to start an Etsy shop and sell these.  I might just do that, including Latin crosses for non-Orthodox (who think the three-bar is weird!).  I guess I’ll have to see what the market is like and try to figure out how much to charge for them.  The one pictured above is 34 inches x 44 inches, approximately.  I’d probably also include bonnets and such so there would be a broader price range.  Any thoughts are more than welcome!

21 thoughts on “Crocheted Three-Bar Cross Baby Blanket

  1. Sign me up! I love love love it. I really and truly tried to learn crochet, went to a class and everything. Could not relax enough the instructor said, so she taught my daughter instead:)
    I would love one of these. I have two 9 year olds, boy and girl. I also have a 6 dd. I would love to have something along this line to have on their bedroom wall. I have some other beautiful handwork I got for them in a village in Turkey but it is not religious in nature. Please consider my request for about three of these if you do start a shop or decide to take private orders.

    Alicia in New Zealand


  2. !!!

    I'm so excited! Baby #3 is going to have something really cool, unique, and beautiful for his baptism! Wow, I can't wait.

    Thanks for practicing on us! 🙂


  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I would be interested for any more little ones the Lord might bless us with or little ones I know who are going to be baptized. You should definitely consider an etsy shop.


  4. This is stunning! I'd love to have an heirloom like that in our family.

    p.s. I'm still reading through your archives too. Thank you for your comment over at my place. God willing, I'd love to have our future children at home, even though our hospital experience was better than I hoped.


  5. Oh, future home-birthers? Nice! We had our last two at home (first in hospital… wow, been watching too much Dr. Who lately and am starting to speak British). We had great experiences at home!


  6. Gosh, hard to say. Assuming we're talking about the recent series, I REALLY liked the first Doctor (was he the 9th?) played by Christopher Eccleston. However, David Tennant is definitely growing on me. My husband and I were watching together, but I got impatient to see how Rose went off the show. Sigh. So sad. Anyway… seems Dr. Who has taken the place of my novels this 40 days. I'm always amazed that a (sometimes incredibly campy) sci-fi show can put me in tears about every other episode. 🙂

    So, who's your favorite? I'm only about halfway through season 3. I know there's another Doc after David Tennant, but that's about all, so no spoilers please! 😉


  7. I *really* like the 10th (Tennant). Father's favorites are the first and the seventh. He grew up watching Dr. Who – that's actually what he attributes his lack of southern accent to. He just said to tell you that when he grows up, he wants to be the first Doctor!


  8. I am mostly ignorant of Dr. Who before the recent series. We were a Star Trek and Star Wars family. I'll have to watch some more of those. 🙂

    Have any preference for DT's companions?


  9. Oh, I grew up with Star Wars. We weren't Trekies. I guess I like Rose, but not the way she dresses! Father and the Children are the more dedicated fans. I just liked to look at him (plus he can be funny). I should really open a Dr. Who thread!


  10. That is GORGEOUS!! I want to be on the list, too… you know, for the baby that we hope to eventually have. We have no “plans” yet. Not that we've ever had “plans”, but I would love one of those. It is breathtakingly beautiful. So perfect for a baptism.


  11. Michelle, I did actually start a shop! But I took it down once I started having miscarriages and it was just too hard to work on baby things. Also, we had our sweet baby girl (finally!) last October so I have been pretty busy. I do hope to eventually put it back up. 🙂 It wasn't on Etsy though, just a page here on my blog (Hand Crocheted Blessings).


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