Organizational update

I never really posted again about how my weekly organizational system was going.  Well, it’s going fine!  It’s such freedom to simply ‘follow the chart’ rather than wonder what needs doing most.  I’ve loosened up a bit about it too, so it’s ok if the living room gets done a day later in place of a room that needed doing more, etc.

I’ve never had so much success with regular library trips either.  We’re actually going every Monday.  I can tell that if it weren’t ‘on the schedule’ it would have been missed several times because it’s not much fun to drag yourself out with four kids in the middle of the day when the temperature is ninety-something when you’d rather be relaxing with a book.  Of course, the books must be fetched from the library…

The meal plan is going well too.  We’re getting back on our regular three-week rotating schedule this week (with minor alterations since the fast doesn’t end until tomorrow).  It made grocery shopping much simpler last Saturday.  Everyone is really looking forward to the poppy seed chicken tomorrow.

Sometime I’ll sit down and make some alterations in the schedule.  Now that I’ve been doing it for a while I know I can’t put “children’s rooms” on one block of the schedule for Tuesday and expect that to happen.  I’ve broken it down into boys’ and girls’ rooms.  If anyone is thinking that the boys trash their room more, let me assure you that the girls do a pretty thorough job as well.

Anyone else made any changes to their schedules?

2 thoughts on “Organizational update

  1. WOW it sounds like your plan is going GREAT ! I “mentally” keep my charts, and that does NOT work well at all. The only thing I've actually been writing down and trying to stick to is my meal planning. You've encouraged me to try to do the rest the same way…can't wait to motivate myself to start !


  2. The only reason I am able to keep up with it at ALL is because of the charts on the fridge: I check things off with wet-erase markers. At the end of the day I wipe off the daily chart and at the end of the week I wipe off the weekly chart. If I tried to do it in my head I'd be back where I started – in utter chaos! (c;


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