Introducing Alex

Well, here we go.  The first named storm of the Atlantic season.  People (“experts”) seem to be in agreement that it might, or might not, do some, or a lot, of damage via moving the oil around.  Now that’s something firm you can stand on.

The thing that people miss is that once you have a storm in the Gulf, much of the surface is set in motion and there are unforeseen consequences.  Like oil where you didn’t think oil would go.  If there’s a big enough storm, it can turn most of the Gulf into a jacuzzi.  Ever wondered why the bubbles you put in one end of the tub don’t stay there?

I think that the best-case scenario here would be one of no tropical disturbances in the Gulf this summer.  Show of hands: who thinks that will happen?  Everybody better plan on a direct hit and what they’re going to do in that event.  Otherwise you’re just hiding your head in the oil-stained sand.

On an extremely frivolous side note: being the storm-lover that I am, I am reveling in the fact that I’m significantly closer to the coast than I have lived in the last almost twenty years.  If it weren’t for the oil, I’d be thrilled that we’re heading into hurricane season!  (I’m incorrigible – don’t even try berating me for this.  Grandpapa was a meteorologist and we all got the bug.)

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