Children and Chant

(chanted – very loud)

“Bless the Looorrrd, oh my sooouuul. Blessed art thou O Goooddd. Bless the Looorrd, oh my soul. And all that is with me bless his hooolllly name. (pause) Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia….and-I-don’t-remember-the-reeessst…”

Listening to children chant is wonderful.  All of ours started chanting before they could read so they relied partially on memory and partially on imagination.  Most of the time they would hold a book (upside down usually) in front of their faces and march around the room.  Ginger and Pickles improved on this somewhat by swinging a “censor” while they chanted.  Pickles dresses out completely: epitrachelion, phelonion, censor, blessing cross…  His technique is pretty good and he really, really likes making bows toward us so we will bow back.

Pickles especially has such a projecting voice that we joke we need to make him a deacon as soon as possible.  He sings in church with gusto, sometimes louder than the entire choir.  (c;  I woke up this morning to a rousing rendition of “God grant you many years”.

Last night at vespers for the nativity of St. John, there were some key people in the choir missing so all of the children joined us at the stands.  It was a joy to hear all of those enthusiastic voices!  Ribby has also been joining Father at private vespers and matins, chanting good bits of it.  He says she’s doing remarkably well.  I hope all of our children grow up chanting and singing well in church. 

5 thoughts on “Children and Chant

  1. hello Matushka!

    Since your son is into the “censor” idea, i think he will take an instant liking in what my godson does since he was two: soup for lunch. Forget about having lunch. Quickly put both hands in bowl and start sprinkling everyone and everything with “holy water”… While of course chanting…. Great idea, his mother loved it…


  2. How sweet! I've started Teddy on the Jesus prayer and “Most holy Theotokos, save us.” I can hear him muttering bits of both as he plays by himself, especially, ” 'kokos, save us.”


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