The children have always been more into drawing than painting.  This is mostly my fault, since painting is messier (although I doubted this many times when getting crayon off the walls).  After we got furniture moved (again) we had a table on the porch.  It’s a glass top table, so perfect with paints.  The girls settled down out there in the 90 something degree heat to work on watercolor.
I paged through a book of watercolors with them and gave them a little instruction.  They’re still trying to draw with a paintbrush, but I plan on working with them this summer.  Maybe as school work finishes we’ll gradually start a series of art lessons.  Flopsy is wanting to work on a braided rug and Ribby needs some more advanced instruction in crocheting.  I spent a very happy summer many years ago at Sewanee, getting my arts credits out of the way all at once: Music 101 (the easiest class I have ever or will take) and Theater 101 (way out of my usual comfort zone but a good choice).  Summer is a good time for this.

3 thoughts on “Watercolor

  1. We ALSO did watercolors 🙂 How funny! My children (and I) watercolored over a black and white icon of St. Columba, whose namesday was on Wednesday. AND I am taking a watercolor class tomorrow afternoon- All… by….myself!


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