Thrifty Day

I went thrifting yesterday while the children were otherwise engaged.  Not one of those absolutely thrilling hunts, but satisfying none the less.

I found some books for Father.  He likes Agatha Christie and Rumpole of the Bailey.  I also got the two Mitford books I had been missing to complete the set (and ALL were thrifted!).  The complete book of needlework (by Readers Digest I think) was a great find too for a dollar. 
Here is a hand-made little pottery bowl.  I love the glaze.
I found this small embroidered linen tablecloth with matching napkins for $1.50.  That was a highlight.
I grabbed some inexpensive plaid madras – I’ve been in the process of making t-shirt play dresses for the girls (post to come) and it looked like good skirt material.
I also got a linen sleeveless dress – the kind that was so popular in the 80’s.  I remembered that Anna had a great post on how to make a tailored linen apron from such a dress on her blog, Pleasant View Schoolhouse.  I think I’ll try it out.  I do love linen.  And look at the pockets!  This is a great reference blog even though she’s no longer actively posting.
On the downside: I’ve never had such trouble finding girls’ dresses before.  It’s like little girls don’t wear dresses here.  But, t-shirt dresses post will be coming soon.

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