Get this woman a sewing room!

Once upon a time, I dreamed of a sewing room.  Before my oldest daughter was born, I had one.  Then she had a nursery.  Then many years went by.  Many, many years. 
             Then we had a house with a den.  The den had a beloved old desk.  My sewing machine graced the desk.  My sewing supplies surrounded the desk.  Then we moved.
Now my beloved old [sewing] desk is our beloved old desk.  The only corner I can call my own is by my side of the bed. 
Stacking together some plastic drawers I already had with some other accessories and a four-shelf unit ($14.47 – thank you Walmart) I made an unlovely but organized corner so I could access my things.  I still have nowhere for the sewing machine, so it will migrate to the dining table at intervals.  At least everything is no longer in storage!

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