The price of lust? $139 to $148

I have a guilty secret. 

There’s someone I’ve been in love with for a long time.  He makes me feel feminine, lovely, trim.  Occasionally I’ll flirt from a distance by looking, but it’s dangerous to get too close.  Expensive, you might say.  A few times in the past I’ve given in to temptation and arranged a rendez-vous.  Once I even met him at one of his many houses.  Amazingly, my mother has approved of this naughty relationship and has even encouraged it.

His name?

J. Peterman.

7 thoughts on “The price of lust? $139 to $148

  1. I thought I was the only one! The dresses are so beautiful: I feel like I could be Grace Kelly in them. Of course, I couldn't, but I love the illusion. From afar, alas, as I'm not sure I'd spend that much for a dress even if I could.


  2. I think I may have spent that much on a wedding dress. Maybe.

    But I really, really, really want a shirtdress and I can't find any that are longer than knee length! I'm too short and round (being honest here) to wear a knee-length fullish-skirted dress. This has got to be the most flattering dress in history, and nobody seems to make them.



  3. Elizabeth: I have several vintage dress sites favorited that I allow myself to look at occasionally. Maybe I need to expand my parameters. Good suggestion!

    Mary: This is so funny I have to share! When I go to my blog dashboard and note that there are comments to approve, it turns up a list of comments. It doesn't indicate in any way which post the comment belongs to. Usually it's pretty obvious. However, when I started reading your comment I mentally assigned it to the sewing room post and was completely bewildered as to why it would be hard to nurse in a sewing room! The penny dropped after a moment and I had quite a laugh at myself.

    I think it would be easy to nurse in one of these dresses – as long as you were in your own room at home with the door shut. I agree that you might want to wait a bit! Now that I'm at home (yay!) and have my machine (yay!) I may try to turn up a good pattern online. The problem is translating the sizing to modern sizes. Sense and Sensibility (online patterns) has some fantastic dress patterns that I'd like to try. They're all recreations and so have modern sizing.


  4. Elizabeth – this is funny: last year I found a rerelease of a vintage pattern (Vogue, I think) and actually bought it. Only after I was at home (with all of the notions, fabric, etc.) did I realize that the sizes listed on the pattern were the *vintage* sizes, not modern ones. I was so discouraged that I dropped it there. Like I said, though, I need to get going again! The rewards would be great!


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