We’re Back!

Whew!  What a busy weekend!

We loaded up the truck on Saturday.  It (unexpectedly) rained until about 11:30 so we mostly carted things down to the garage and peered out morosely at the sky.  As soon as it stopped we started carrying things onto the truck.  I thought for sure it would never all fit.  Miraculously it did.  I guess we finished around 6.  We never could have done it if Father’s mom hadn’t come down to watch the children.  And God bless her, she didn’t have a chair to sit in the whole time. 

Sunday we attended liturgy.  It was wonderful to be back!  I think we were some of the last to leave after coffee hour.  In the afternoon we attended a wedding (which was amazing because we had originally thought we’d never be able to go because of liturgy here).  We were privileged to be able to help the choir which made it that much more fun.  The children enjoyed the view from the choir loft (the wedding was at the Greek church in town).  After dinner with friends we crashed into our sleeping bags one last night at the old house. 

Yesterday we loaded the last things including luggage.  I think we left around 9:30, not too bad.  As we made our combination gas/coffee stop before taking off down the interstate, I noticed a funny sound from the driver’s side tire.  We stopped to have it checked out and were told we needed new brakes and rotors to the tune of $250.  Now, my last memory of having anything done to the brakes on the van was having new rotors put on, not grinding down the old ones, but this person was saying that they were too thin and couldn’t be ground down anymore.  We declined and went somewhere else.  After some searching, we found a place open in the next town over (not far).  They told us the rotors weren’t too thin at all and we didn’t need new ones.  Don’t you hate it when someone tries to take advantage of you?  We saved at least $100 by going there.  I think we finally got back on the road at 12.

We were about 1 1/2 hours from home when the youngest had to go potty.  When I started moving the van again after that stop, I noticed it seemed to have trouble getting in gear.  We were only a minute from the entrance ramp at the time so I wasn’t fully apprised of the situation until actually on the ramp and not being able to get up speed.  The van doesn’t have an RPM indicator, but I could hear the engine whining and not engaging.  Fortunately the shoulder continued after the ramp ended because the semi bearing down on us at 70 MPH didn’t have room to move into the other lane.  It finally caught and I frantically called Father (who was ahead in the truck) to tell him I was a bit behind him and what was going on.  I told him that I seem to have attained 5th gear but was afraid I’d never get it again if we slowed down so no more stops.  It was a seriously worrying drive home and by the time we got off the interstate and into town the van was making a terrible high-pitched noise.  I got onto side streets as soon as I could and limped home.  I got it in the driveway and practically melted from relief.  I think the transmission has gone. 

We started unloading immediately.  The van was unloaded fairly quickly and we moved on to the truck.  We had gotten about 20% off when it started raining – hard.  I had even checked the radar about 20 minutes before and there was nothing headed for us.  We ran around, tossing things back onto the truck and onto the porch, getting soaked in the process.  I checked the radar again and the storms were materializing right on top of us.  And staying.  Ugh.  Eventually, after some very close lightning strikes and another hour of solid rain (and the disappearance of light) I called it a night and we concentrated on getting things in off the porch. 

Well, it’s morning and I’m facing that truck out the window right now.  It’s a beast.  We’ve got to finish getting “house” things unloaded and then drive it to the storage room to finish.  Then turn in the truck.  This is one of those days that definitely doesn’t fit on my weekly schedule!  I’m not going to try to pick back up again until tomorrow.  The kids are off the hook as far as school is concerned too.  (They’re crushed. (c; )

Hope everyone else’s weekend was more peaceful than this!  I will say that I’m grateful to have gotten everything here – despite it all.

UPDATE:  We finished unloading the truck this morning and then drove it around to the storage space.  We finished there around 12:30 (hot as blazes and very humid) and drove home.  THREE BLOCKS FROM HOME it started pouring.  I should say, it had been pouring and still was.  The storage place is only about a mile from the house and we didn’t get a drop there.  It has rained off and on since.  I can hear thunder right now.  I’m wondering if this is typical summer weather.  If so, I think I’ll be using the dryer instead of the clothes line until fall!

4 thoughts on “We’re Back!

  1. I am so glad you made it home safely! What a trip!
    This post made me so glad we decided to stay put. I was feeling panicky just reading about the unpacking… I wish I was close enough to help with something.
    Love you.


  2. Wow- what a weekend! So relieved that you got back safely! How scary. We've spent about $1500 this month on my minivan, so I am feeling your pain in that department. I hope your problem is a quick and cheap fix. Let us know how it pans out.


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