3 thoughts on “Pseudonyms

  1. My decision came after the urging of my parents. I used to have a blog with the url being my full name. We put lots of personal information on it. It got to the point where I was getting thousands of hits a month and my parents were getting worried for their grandkids.

    So we stopped using that website (I still own it though) and I moved over to a new url which is more “private” (I guess). It is still VERY easy to figure out who we are, but my family isn't the wiser because they don't know enough about the internet.

    As long as they are happy and less fearful, so are we.

    But we are running of out of names: Punky, Spunky, and Bunky. There are still a few rhyming names left, but I regret not naming Bunky Chunky because that is what he is 🙂 He has been our only chubby child, so didn't expect to have one. Maybe the next one will be Chunky or Funky or something like that 🙂


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