Our magnolia tree is blooming!  I have one blossom in a vase on the mantle.  The fragrance is slowly permeating the house... UPDATE:  The magnolia blossom turned BROWN within 24 hours.  Anyone know how to prevent this from happening?  Short of growing thirty feet overnight I'm not going to reach another blossom soon.

"Blood Money"

I encourage everyone to check out this movie preview.  Please post it on your own blogs if you feel you can.   Taken verbatim from Father Alexander Fecanin's daily e-mail: Blood Money - Movie Preview: ... The following link is to a new independent film which needs our support to expose the corruption of Planned Parenthood. … Continue reading "Blood Money"

Lentil Soup

Father had requested lentil soup for dinner tonight, forgetting that he will be away doing vespers out of town.  I went ahead and put it on for a late lunch. I've been cooking this fasting lentil soup since we've been married.  The original recipe came from a Greek Orthodox church in Charleston, SC, but I've … Continue reading Lentil Soup