Why is it…

…that a thirty pound boy can shake a house merely by walking across the floor?

…that it always rains just when you’ve hung the comforters on the line for airing?

…that you never can remember in the library the books that you wanted to check out?

…that you always resolve in the library to make a list for next time but always forget?

…that a toddler will contrive to soak (by any means) an outfit while away from home the day after you stop carrying extra clothes in the car?

…that at least once a week a child will put a dirty dish in the dishwasher full of clean dishes?

…that right after you pull away after a mid-trip stop, having individually inquired of the bathroom needs of each individual in the car, someone says, “I have to go to the bathroom” ?

…that the day you leave for church, confident that your scarf is in your purse, is the day you get to church and remember you took it out while looking for something else and decided to drop it in the wash?

6 thoughts on “Why is it…

  1. My answer for three and four is goodreads.com!

    …wish I could help with any of the others, but I have a feeling that these are just waiting to happen to me, too.


  2. Magda: I'll have to check that site out!

    Mary: I just looked and I have FOUR scarves in my purse. (And there was one in the van I saw on the way to vespers tonight.) I usually try to keep an emergency one in the car.


  3. This sounds like my life 🙂

    We had the clothing situation happen just this past Sunday at a wedding! And it wasn't the toddler it was the 4 year old 🙂

    As for the scarf situation, I have a friend who keeps one in her mailbox at church.


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