Little Boys

I have loved these pictures ever since I saw them.  I found them here.

Notice the tiny sticharion and censor. 
When Ginger was little he was always holding services.  A lot of dolls got baptized in our house.  Since he started serving in the altar, he has toned it down a bit.  Pickles, however, is a maniac.  Everything he picks up is either a candle or censor and everything he drapes around him is a phelonion.  I made him a high-back phelonion and censer for his third birthday.  He has loved them to the point that they need serious mending.
He has good censing technique.  Maybe he can skip that part of his education at St. Tikhon’s.

2 thoughts on “Little Boys

  1. Oh my goodness, I made this almost four years ago!! The only firm parts were the ring holding up the bowl of the censer (I can't remember what it's made of – I probably found it at a craft store), the ring at the top (definitely just one of those gold rings you find at craft stores), and a metal disk at the base. The rest is crocheted. The domed part of the top is stuffed with a little polyfill. I sewed jingle bells on the crocheted strings. I totally just made it up as I went along. 🙂


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