Rationality in cleaning

Let me state outright: 

I really hate to wash dishes.

Having a dishwasher doesn’t affect this at all.  I don’t even like unloading a clean dishwasher.  And this is brainless work.

The funny thing is: I like laundry.  And laundry is really a lot more involved than dishes.  But I have to think I can’t be alone here.

I mean, and be honest now, which of you:  throws in a load of dirty dishes, once clean plops them into a basket, lugs them out to the line, hangs them, comes back a few hours later and takes them down, sits down to fold them and picking up a large saucepan, inhales the lemony scent of dishwashing detergent before folding it and putting it back in the cabinet?


8 thoughts on “Rationality in cleaning

  1. I actually prefer handwashing to loading and unloading but because I have a dishwasher I use it religiously. There is something meditative about handwashing to me. What drives me crazy are all the little parts of sippy cups in every load.
    I don't mind laundry either if I keep it sorted for washing and drying. I don't like post dry clothes sorting.


  2. Haha. Personally, I don't like either!! But I DO enjoy my china cabinet full of our everyday dish collection of white dishes with blue rims, a few odd pieces with blue flowers, a white bowl with blue writing that says “chicken soup,”… so maybe that would tip the scales ever so slightly TOWARDS the dishes? (Admittedly, I have never hung my clothes to dry….)


  3. haha 🙂 That is great. I detest laundry, but I actually enjoying washing dishes and emptying the dishwasher. If only we lived down the street from one another, we could trade tasks 🙂


  4. Rebecca: I have finally ditched all of the sippy cup parts. I still have the cups, just not the flow regulators. Ick.

    Patty: Now I will admit that I like looking at our open shelving and seeing the blue willow. I just don't like doing anything to GET it there. Just the display. (c;

    Michelle: It's a deal!


  5. Matushka, you are not alone. I too loathe anything to do with dishes, including unloading the dw. Loathe. No idea why. I will have a sink full of dishes, but beautifully folded towels. And my purse is neat, but my desk is a war zone. Sigh.


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