Our magnolia tree is blooming!  I have one blossom in a vase on the mantle.  The fragrance is slowly permeating the house…
UPDATE:  The magnolia blossom turned BROWN within 24 hours.  Anyone know how to prevent this from happening?  Short of growing thirty feet overnight I’m not going to reach another blossom soon.

5 thoughts on “Magnolia

  1. Oh, magnolias are by far my favorite tree and I have been eyeing a Little Gem for our yard for the past few weeks. The scent is amazing! I have a friend whose mother had multiple magnolias and would line the entire mantel with the flowers when the blooms were in season. Can't imagine how heavenly that house smelled.


  2. I'm sure your friend's mother's mantle was beautiful. I can't imagine the scent – even one magnolia blossom is strong! We had a huge magnolia tree in the middle of our backyard when I was small. I remember Mom would float a single magnolia blossom in a glass bowl on the dining table. Beautiful in the afternoon light.


  3. I long for a magnolia too but we have opted for fruit producing trees as purchases as well. If we had one already existing I would be in heaven. They are in full bloom here which has made my runs so heavenly- especially since I am gasping for breath by the end!
    I remember Mom floating the magnolia as well. What a sweet memory.


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