Garden update

I got some pictures today of my gardening efforts:

I think I’m killing these.  It must be the water.

The impatiens are doing well – I think this is the first time I’ve gotten them to grow!

Here’s the actual “garden”.  Not much to see right now.  I’ll use this as a comparison picture.  My SIL Amanda is giving me some help via e-mail.

And just because it’s growing well, here’s my fern.  I really like ferns.  Usually it’s on the porch but I took it out for some water, sun and a walk (just kidding).

And as far as getting back on the road walking-wise: I dragged out there this morning and ran 7 blocks today.  Thanks for the cheers Rebecca!

2 thoughts on “Garden update

  1. When in doubt, fertilize!!! get thee some miracle grow (they even have a small sized bag of organic if you want to go that route). ok… thats not always the answer, but if you haven't fed the plants in 3 months or so, it couldnt hurt.

    I'm not sure what those first two sad looking plants are, but if they have been in the ground a while you might want to airate (sp?) the ground around the plant and its roots. The more clay in the soil, the more compact it becomes and it kinda chokes the roots, especially those of young or newly-planted plants.


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