More Treasure!

I need to add a “thrifting” tag to my list.  I have always loved hunting through what Father calls “junk shops”.  I freely admit that you’ll find quite a lot of junk.  But then again, you might just find treasure!  I still have in mind some memorable finds I’ve made over the years: sterling silver trays, a miniature tin teapot, etc.  BTW, I still haven’t decided about the spinning wheel.  I’m thinking…
I found this at a thrift shop shortly after we moved to MS.  My eye was attracted to it immediately and I picked it up, wondering what it was.  A worker at the shop passed by and said that they had just found out the day before the identity of this odd object:

It’s a hand-made french bread baking pan.  Look at the hammer marks!  The edges are hand-rolled and hammered down.

And it’s long too.  Not really surprising for french bread, but it doesn’t look like any other pan I’ve seen.

It’s very thin but sturdy.

I’d like to use it to make a loaf of french bread, but I’m not sure about the wisdom of baking with it.  It looks to be iron, but I’m not sure.  Anyone have any ideas?  In any event it’s neat on display.

One thought on “More Treasure!

  1. I would think that because it is cast iron you could use without any trouble but I would do some research first- I know you will. I remember Anna at Pleasant View Schoolhouse sharing a recipe for French Bread that she liked. Such a neat item. Hunter and I join you in your love of thrift/vintage/junk/antique shops. Such a great getaway!


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