Dresses galore

I want to share one of my favorite drool-able websites: Sense and Sensibility Patterns.  I would love to make several of these dresses and aprons.  The problem at the moment is that I don’t have my sewing machine with me.  It needs a tune-up too – the tension goes haywire.  Plus, I have these great intentions and things just don’t turn out.  I don’t know that I’ve ever had a formal sewing class.  Anyway, I can dream…  It’s just fun to go through the site looking at all of the patterns and photos.  If you sew at all and like period outfits, I highly recommend it.  Plus, some of these are simply lovely and don’t scream reenactment. 

2 thoughts on “Dresses galore

  1. I have no illusions of being able to sew an item of clothing but I would love to be able to make a button enclosure pillow cover or 12 to brighten up my house. That model looks strikingly similar to you! I thought it was at first.


  2. What a complement! I have an irrational fear of buttonholes. My sewing machine has a function for them, but I've never even tried it! I mean, it's not like the machine would explode or anything (I guess…). If I ever get over that fear, I'd be happy to make some pillow covers for you. You know, you can make them with tie-closures too.


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