Some prayer requests…

I just wanted to ask you to keep some children in your prayers:

Noah, 3 1/2, who has mitochondrial disease.  He has done amazingly well so far but has had some close shaves.  This diagnosis is ultimately fatal and nobody knows how long he has (although I haven’t heard anything lately about that being soon).

Abby, almost 5, who has an aggressive leukemia.  She has several months left of chemo but her white count dropped last week and they’re fearing a relapse.

Chrissie, 4, who has such amazingly complex cardiopulmonary issues I won’t try to describe them.  Technically, I can’t believe she’s lived to the age of four – she should have died shortly after birth.  She had open heart surgery last Monday and died several times.  She’s currently in PICU on life support but is having some miraculous signs of recovery.  She still has a long way to go.

Thank you.  Prayer can move mountains!

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