Train outing continued

This is the day we actually went in the museum. It was small, but packed.

The current waiting room was redone in 1901.

There was a model train in the glass case.

Father, checking out the artifacts.

We got to listen to train whistles and other train sounds, over and over and over and…

We knew that an Amtrak was expected at 3:30 so we hung around outside. At 3:45, a freight train came barreling through, whistle and all, and the conductor waved at us. I still like that. Pickles was beside himself. It looks like the train is standing still but trust me, it was moving.

Still no Amtrak. We walked all around the train again. Man, that thing is huge.

The boys couldn’t get over it.

Yay! Amtrak arrived…45 minutes late. The children were ecstatic all over again.

We watched the porters open the doors and help people disembark and embark. The children were very interested. The passengers seemed amused to see us.

I remarked on the way home that I’d love to arrange child care and take off on a train to Chicago with Father for a few days. In the Fall. Sigh.

Maybe one day.

3 thoughts on “Train outing continued

  1. My boys would love this as well! Peter is terrified of the sound of a train when he can't see it but loves them close up.
    I am glad you are discovering some new adventures in Mississippi!


  2. It would be wonderful to take all of the children on a train trip, but 7 tickets would be rather pricey! I flew across the country with the oldest girls before we moved in 2004. They were singularly uninterested in the view. They probably would have enjoyed a train better, but time was of the essence.


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