70 inch wheels

We went to the local train museum the other day. Well, actually we went two days in a row because the first day the museum proper wasn’t open yet. The children were in no way disappointed because they were able to walk all around (and touch, no climbing) a REAL train. This is a 200 ton steam locomotive, one of two remaining of the largest class built for the ICRR. It is BIG.

Just so you have some sense of scale, here is Duchess, who is not lilliputian:

Those are 70 inch wheels.

The traditional caboose:

Pickles called this “Cranky the crane” after the Thomas character. He really thinks it’s Cranky.

I managed to line everyone up. They weren’t thrilled.

Hey, 80% were looking at the camera!

In another post: day two of our train expedition…

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