We’re deep in the throes of moving. We pick up the truck tomorrow morning so today is the last packing day. We’ve also decided to get a start moving furniture – at least the heavy things – into rooms closer to the doors. We have some help lined up tomorrow for loading, but it’s still daunting.

In the mean time, the children found their own fun: making houses out of box dividers.

Ribby made a spectacular complex last night but I didn’t get a picture of it. The nice thing about these building blocks is that they’re flat so they can slide under the couch when needed. Also nice (haven’t mentioned this to the children) is that they’re disposable.
Pray for us! I’ll be missing in action for a few days due to the move. We’ve got to get internet set up in the new location too. I’m sure I’ll have some good stories when I return.
And, one more thought: Why do we always seem to move during Lent???

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