I’m Back!

Well, that was an extremely long absence. I’ve upped my meds and feel back on track so here we go:

I’ll be doing some catch-up posts in the next few days to get things like Ginger’s birthday and such posted. For those interested, I’m hoping no news is good news as far as Noah is concerned. I’m sure they all still need your prayers though.

My current projects:

1. Baby blankets for one of my doctor friends (1st baby) and my sister in law (1st baby). The first I’m doing in large blocks of color, not too many alike. I had a lot of pink-toned squares thrown in the mix but she went and had a boy a week ago. I won’t be including those. I get to do the pink for my sister in law. I won’t include a description or pictures until she gets it so there will still be a surprise involved. I stopped on the way home to get a little bit more yarn. It is SO hard not to buy out the yarn section of Michaels! I was good and kept it to three skeins.

2. Math review. My other stop tonight included Books-A-Million. I got algebra/trig and calculus review books. Math was always my favorite subject and I’m appalled at how much I’ve forgotten! My college multi-D calc professor would be rolling in his grave. At one time he actually suggested I pursue a career in mathematics. Let’s just hope I can bring back enough to teach my children. For now, I plan to thoroughly enjoy myself with some math “homework” every day.

3. Surviving at work. Actually, “surviving” is a bit extreme – it’s gotten a lot better. My dear doctors are supportive as always. I’ve managed to cut down on my overtime.

4. Church school. This is our second year. I’ve never been a great elementary school educator – I prefer one-on-one to classes. Oh well. We have about 12 children now. I seem to have landed the little boys’ class. They’re 2 1/2 (yes, my Pickles who won’t be separated from Mommy), 4, 5 and 6. I think we’ll be focusing on the action-aspects of any feast-day or saint’s life. Frankly, my main goal is to keep the peace.

5. I would say homeschool, but Father is doing basically all of it. I’m in the position of saying “so X, what did you do in school today?” I still can’t believe Ribby is in 5th grade. My gracious. Ginger’s reading is getting SO much better. He can do Dick and Jane quite well now. Further updates on all of them later.

We had an Orthodox family move here recently from California. The wife has lived in California her whole life and is kerflummoxed by Alabama. Bless her heart. I’ll do a post sometime on advice we gave them for surviving life here. Can you believe she had almost never seen lightning? She also wanted to know what grits were. Everyone always asks that. (It’s CORN folks.)

Things are steadily improving at church. The new website is up and it’s very nice. There are only a few pictures posted on the site at this time. We have quite a few more and are in the process of getting them to the web-master.

I need to go get cracking on that blanket or it will never be done. More posts coming soon, I promise!

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