Making Do

I actually completed the project at the bottom of the page before this one, but am having the usual problem rearranging the photos. After I had done Flopsy’s room, the older girls wanted something done to their room, so I sewed off and on for 3 days making everybody happy.

The older girls’ room is in the finished daylight basement, so their window is a short one. I took regular sized long curtain panels and cut them to fit. After hemming, I sewed ribbon along the seams. I didn’t have to do casings because I used the clip-on rings with a cafe rod. Very easy.

I then took the leftover curtain material and paired it with a cheerful seersucker print I have had around for a while to make pillows. I trimmed them with the same ribbon. I’d never made the bolster-type pillows before but they were actually quite easy. I cut a rectangle of the seersucker, sewed a shorter rectangle of the yellow fabric to each short side, folded the whole thing in half length-wise and sewed the long edges together. I sewed a narrow casing on each (yellow) end and turned the whole thing right-side-out. I threaded multiple colors of baby ribbon through one casing and pulled it tight, knotting it. After stuffing the resulting “bag”, I threaded the same ribbon through the other casing and pulled it tight. Voila!

The first project was, as I mentioned, Flopsy’s room. We had been given a very pretty comforter that was, shall we say, a little outsized for a twin bed. Ok, it was a king size. I hated to get rid of it but it was really unusable. I even tried it on our queen sized bed, but it was STILL too big. After a while, I figured that I had nothing to lose, so I measured it for a twin bed and cut off the rest. I ripped the seam on the bit I had cut off and removed the ruffle. Then I sewed the open side shut, inserting the ruffle as I went. You can’t tell the difference.
I had all of this nice fabric left over (you can see it’s contrasting) so I decided to make some pillows. I made one square one and had enough ruffle to trim it with. Then I made the cylindrical one, doing it more simply than the ones above. In fact, I recycled the batting from the comforter as pillow-stuffing. I still had quite a bit of material. I moved two antique chairs into her room and recovered the seats. And yes, I still have fabric left over. I’m thinking…

We had recently painted this room and the yellow is so cheerful. I can tell it will look nice in all seasons. You can see why I was so anxious to use this comforter! I don’t know about the green curtains though. They look a bit strange from the street. I can’t believe I managed to redo this room with one hand-me-down comforter!

One thought on “Making Do

  1. I am amazed as usual! Don't you want to come to my house for a sewing retreat…
    The rooms are lovely. I wish I could get up the courage to do something like this but I need someone to rethread my sewing machine first.


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