Countdown to Pascha

Next week is Holy Week! Hard to believe. I had to sit down tonight with Father and make lists of all that must be done before then. There are things to do for the church (buy tulle for the iconostasis, check the foam frame for the Resurrection icon to make sure it fits – I can’t buy the white flowers for it until Holy Friday or Saturday, buy the white cloth and make the icon stand covers, reconfigure the choir books), things to do for us (finish putting together the children’s Pascha clothes, get stockings for all of the girls, the boys need new Pascha baskets – they were a little hard on them last year) and things to do for Ribby’s birthday…which is on Pascha this year!

Now that I’ve written that all out, I’m exhausted already. Somebody wake me up when it’s Bright Monday!

I’m taking Holy Wednesday through Bright Monday off of work so we can travel to church. We’ll stay at my mother-in-law’s house as usual. Of course, that means PACKING for everyone too. (Sigh)

My posting over the next two weeks may be spotty (so you may not notice any difference!) but I’ll take lots of pictures and try to post them during Bright Week.

Here are some pictures from past Paschas: (Flopsy was baptized at Holy Protection Monastery in Pennsylvania on Bright Monday 2002 so we have pictures from that too.)

To all of my non-Orthodox family and friends: Have a good Holy Week and Easter!

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