I’ve noticed it feels lonely sometimes when looking at other people’s blogs. I see mothers doing neat crafts with their children, frugally redecorating their homes, cooking well-balanced meals, sewing their own clothes, etc. I have this ideal in my head of the life I would like to lead…and I come nowhere close. I actually did go out (several weeks ago) and get a dress pattern and the fabric and notions to go along with it…and I haven’t even cut out the pattern. I have several nice cookbooks…and I use them so seldom. I can barely keep the house clean let alone do any much-needed painting. I feel like my children are neglected and my poor husband over-burdened with homeschooling them. I wonder what my children will remember from their childhood. A mother they seldom saw who was chronically tired and frazzled? A never-quite-cleaned-up house? I don’t know…

I know this comparing is pure and simple temptation and won’t lead to anything positive. On the other hand, like I said, it sure does get lonely.

UPDATE: Thinking about the post above sure does make this seem pitiful.

2 thoughts on “Loneliness

  1. Hey Meg,I have experienced the same things when reading blogs so I have cut my blog reading down drastically. The blogs that made me feel the worst have been axed. You are an amazing mother who can do ANYTHING. I wish that you didn’t have to work so much but I know that is a different fulfillment for you as well. I am home and I can guarantee you that I haven’t made two wedding cakes, countless costumes, crocheted three sets of baby sweaters, hats and booties etc…You are loved and adored. Love,Bec


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