Southern Hail

This morning, early, Father and I were in the kitchen getting ready for the day. It was rather windy and before long I heard something:

THUNK, BUMP, bump, roll…
THUNK, bump, roll…
THUNK, roll…
THUNK, BUMP, roll…
Me: What on earth is that? Is someone up?
Father: I think it’s the sweet gum balls.
I looked out on the deck. Sure enough, some of the million, trillion fully-ripened sweet gum balls were falling in the wind and hitting the roof, deck, yard, cars…

Southern hail!

2 thoughts on “Southern Hail

  1. If they’re sutable for consumption, I’ve never heard it. They’re a menace! The balls themselves (you can see the picture) are about the size of golf balls and very prickly. The tree is a “sweet gum”, hence the name. There’s absolutely nothing sweet about them! The only actual hazard is to your feet when you’re walking in the yard. Forget going barefoot.


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