The bride, groom and their sons are dreadfully ill and the marriage blessing will be postponed for at least two weeks. Father called me at work this morning and told me. I don’t think the fondant will hold up for that long so I’ll do something else before the wedding-take-two. As far as this cake goes, I think Flopsy is going to have a Very Fancy Birthday Cake at coffee hour tomorrow. I think I can get seven white candles on it…

2 thoughts on “Well…

  1. Mary Louise was very surprised and delighted. I wrote “Mary Louise 7” on the top layer and piped little rosettes around the cake for seven candles. I used some of the yellow flowers and baby’s breath too. It was very pretty. I warned her that her REAL birthday cake this weekend wouldn’t look anything like this one. She wants cheesecake. I think she wants me to decorate it. Ummm…


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