Christmas Eve Pictures

I’m a terrible photographer. The house actually looks quite nice in spots but the camera doesn’t do justice to it. Oh well. Here they are:

Mom gave me some straw ornaments last year and I wanted to highlight them. I hung them from the garland on the bookcases. They look very nice.

The nativity was my mother’s mother’s. I have been putting it up for many years now. I always have to put it up high so it won’t be destroyed. I’m sure it wasn’t very expensive at the time, but I love it because it was hers.

I have quite a few crocheted snowflakes and thought I’d string some on a ribbon across the living room window. Not quite what I had envisioned. I need to tinker with it.

The hutch in the kitchen houses all of my Christmas china. My mother has been giving me pieces for several years. I love it! (Notice the surplus of snowflakes…I didn’t miss an opportunity.)

This is the first time we’ve had outside lights except around the front door. Not much, but the children were really excited.

Time to get children in bed!
If only I were going now too…

2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Pictures

  1. The house looks beautiful! What pattern is your Christmas China? I have my snowflakes on red velvet ribbons on my drapes too. I don’t remember Grandmother’s nativity at all but it is lovely. How wonderful to know that her hands arranged it each year and now your hands do.


  2. Rebecca,My pattern is: Johnson Brothers – Old Britain Castles Pink Christmas Green Tree.I think I want to tie each snowflake to ribbon individually and hang them from the curtain tabs. They’ll stay neater for one thing, and for another I can make the ribbon different lenghths and “stagger” them.


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