Good morning! I hope to make this a productive day. I'm so glad I stepped back out for a second look at the sunrise, because otherwise I would have missed the crescent moon.


[Photo completely at odds with my disjointed state of mind] Moving is a pain. I mean, it's good, it has some good aspects, but overall it's dreadful. I'm very overwhelmed right now. The big girls have gone back to school so I can't reply on them to help with little ones. It's house blessing season … Continue reading Overwhelmed

Busy busy busy

I'm absolutely beat. Bear with me: this is not going to be a beautiful-uplifting-reflection-essay, but a let-me-get-my-head-on-straight post. So, to cut to the chase, we are moving. Not far, granted, literally just across the neighborhood. Our current landlords are selling the house this spring so we had to go house hunting. Finding something with enough … Continue reading Busy busy busy

Short notes

Fly-by post to share a few photos from yesterday and last night: Not our cat: Hidden picture: can you see them? I can't believe this baby is now a teenager! [Not-a-Teenager not pictured by request.]