Yesterday I had to run to Kroger for something that Walmart didn't have. On the way in I admired the lovely colors of the plants and pumpkins on display in conjunction with the deep blue sky. It finally felt a little like fall.  On the way out I couldn't help lingering a bit and even … Continue reading Mums


Thank you, God, for: Cooler air. It's fall. Seeing Mittens in footed PJs for the first time since February. Coffee, drunk while it's still hot from the percolator. Ginger accepting his new vocabulary book with good grace. The ability to lengthen a sweater, too short since last winter. Unexpected business to create unexpected funds to … Continue reading Blessings

Tea Party

Yesterday Duchess and Flopsy helped me hold a tea party for Mittens and Moppet. Everyone dressed for it except the maid-of-all-work (me). The Mother Goose tea set was a gift to me from my parents (I was in high school at the time - still a lover of doll china). A good time was had … Continue reading Tea Party

Cool morningĀ 

Glory to God for some seasonable weather! At 10 AM it's 64 degrees, sunny, with a wind out of the north at 10mph. A pity it will give way to highs of 89-91 over the next several days, but we'll enjoy it while we have it!